It’s late now…

It’s been a great day, in preparation for the big race tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the good wishes, Pika and Karin are gradually getting used to riding on the “wrong” side of the road, and their adventure is helped a lot by being able to fold the bike up so quickly whenever the going gets a little bit tasty…

Our day started this morning at 0500 hours in Slovenia, it’s now 0117 hours in London (so that makes it 0216 in Slovenia which means… hang on…. a VERY long day. It’s nearly time for bed. We had some very good feedback from members of the public about the bike, mainly around the speed of folding and the look of the bike, so we feel it’s been a good day. The bike handled well and Karin and Pika are going to do us proud!

We managed to have a bite of lunch at Covent Garden today – and here’s a picture of Pika ordering ANOTHER Bigfish over the phone…Want One now!


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