Bike thieves… is it just my opinion or are they basically sub-human scum? (add a comment at the bottom and let me know!)

Yes, I’m a bit hot under the collar today. You see, my bike was stolen again. Not my Bigfish, that was stored safe and sound in the car. But my mountain bike (which I also enjoyed using) was stolen from the bike rack behind our apartment. This was my second bike theft in about 5 months. Only this time I was using what i thought was a good strong lock, but they just cut right through it,  and rubbed my nose in it by simply leaving the water bottle behind. It wasn’t a very expensive bike, but that doesn’t lessen the hurt, anger and inconvenience.

However, because I can take my Bigfish with me into my apartment or even put it in the back of the car, those dirty, filthy, disgusting bike thieves can’t get to it. And to be honest, most of the journeys I was doing on my mountain bike could so easily have been done by Bigfish. I just don’t need a mountain bike for city riding.

So I’m not going to bother getting another “normal” bike. Firstly because there’s too much risk of theft, and secondly, as I’ve found out over the past few weeks, Bigfish can do the same job as a normal city bike anyway: it handles just as well, and there is almost no risk of theft.

And that makes me a lot more chilled out!!!

And all they left was a broken chain and a water bottle

And all they left was a broken chain and a water bottle


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