From Olympic Medals to Goldfish

Massive congratulations to Lucija Polavdir who won a Bronze Medal for Slovenia in Judo!

As donors to the Slovene Olympic Team we are giving each Slovene medallist their very own Bigfish Folding Bike. Yesterday, back in Ljubljana,  Bigfish’s Karin Marter presented Lucija with her own brand new Bigfish. As you can see below Lucija is deliberating which colour she would prefer (after all, maybe a gold bike with a bronze medal is just too much of a clash of colours… or precious metals!).

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with Boris “our man in Beijing’s” latest adventures with Bigfish.

You can see him popping up in the background of the Slovenia House celebrations with Gold-winning Hammer Thrower Primož Kozmus.

Boris’s (Slovene) blog is at


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