Bigfish back from Vegas

What a trip! The City of Sin became the City of Fin as BIGFISH took over Las Vegas at the Interbike fair.

Where to start?? At the beginning I suppose would be a good place… The good mood was started at the airport (despite the early start) as we checked in 4 x Bigfish bikes and didn’t have to pay excess for any of them to travel. We checked them all in hassle-free… Aren’t folding bikes great!!

The riders at the Folder Frolic

The riders at the Folder Frolic

We travelled to Interbike 2008 (held at the Sands Expo Center Las Vegas) to show Bigfish off to the American market and to look for potential partnerships. Interest in the bike was fantastic, with people continually stopping us and asking about it, where to get one, how much it cost and where our booth was. From the reactions we got, people really liked two things about Bigfish. Firstly the look & colour choices (particularly the orange); and secondly the fold….

This was new to many people and the clip clap (or click clack as it was also termed) was very popular, with the feeling of sturdiness you get when you fold and unfold, the speed it takes, and the narrowness of the folded package all very popular.

Bigfish on the Folder Frolic

A particular highlight for us was the FOLDER FROLIC, a 7am folding bike ride around Las Vegas organised by the excellent Mike McGettigan of Trophy Bikes Philadelphia. Mike, if you can get us up for 7am you’re obviously doing something right! Great event and many thanks for your hospitality!!

You can view some photos at our flickr site. We also took some video but haven’t got round to editing it yet so keep your eyes peeled!

Viva Las Bigfish Baby…!

Bigfish on the Folder Frolic

3 thoughts on “Bigfish back from Vegas

  1. I wonder what BigFish fans in Italy think of the photo of the Folder Frolic that was shot in Vegas in front of the Venetian… Isn’t that the Doges Palace in the background on the left?


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