Bigfish vs The Equalizer – the traffic chaos vigilante

Here’s a new video we just got from friends in London who attached a camera to the bike to show how Bigfish maneouvres easily around the crowded city environment

The 16in wheels in particular make it more nimble than a normal city bike. And in a setting like a big city, where you’re stop-starting constantly the 3-speed hub gears are a total bonus as you don’t have to be in motion to change them (- perfect when you arrive at traffic lights in 3rd gear and want to take off again in 1st).

Note the Congestion Charge (C) sign which we can blatantly disregard on the Bigfish, just cycling where it would normally cost us in the region of 10€ (PER DAY!!!!!) had we been in the car.

The music in the video is from the enduringly-popular 80’s crime-stopping vigilante show The Equalizer…. about a man who has had enough of crime in the big city and takes the law into his own hands (see any metaphor with getting around the city here and choosing to go with Bigfish?)

Bigfish seamlessly cuts through the metropolis, negotiating every awkward turn, crowded pavement and busy road without mercy.

If you have a problem with the city, and no one else can help… Don’t call the A-Team or The Equalizer… Call Bigfish.


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