Bigfish available for a special price!

Bigfish has just had its first 15 minutes of fame in the UK – with many more to come we’re sure!!

idealworld_logoMany thanks to all those who watched us on sunday evening presenting Bigfish to the TV audience of Ideal World. And extra special thanks also to all those who bought a bike, those who contacted us with best wishes, and those who got on the phones to ask for more info.

Bigfish is is currently selling online with Ideal World at a fantastic special offer price of £499 (£100 cheaper than RRP!) – so why not kick start spring your spring fitness campaign (preparation for squeezing into those speedos!) and enjoy the beautiful weather on a Bigfish folding bike.

Remember, Bigfish is true convenience… in fact here’s a little reminder why:

Weather is unpredictable.

With Bigfish you can take your bike out with you, and if the weather does turn nasty, it’s so easy just to pop it in the back of your car, cab, or just hop on the bus or train with it.

It’s far less likely to get stolen… Because you don’t ever have to leave it unattended.

Bigfish folds so small you can take it inside with you, put it next to your table, under your desk, take it up into your flat, just leave it in the boot of the car…

Bigfish has great gearing for perfect performance in the city

3 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears in fact. What’s great is you don’t have to be in motion to change gears (excellent for stop-starting at lights etc), and because they’re in the hub, the chain isn’t going to fall off, and there’s no hanging-down parts – so you’re far less likely to get mud and oil everywhere!

The fold!!!!!!!!

This is the really cool part that separates Bigfish from other folding bikes. You can fold it in around 10 seconds (or mississippi’s or elephants if you prefer). And what separates Bigfish is the fact that there are no complicated screwing parts, you don’t need tools to do it, and it folds around the frame rather than having a hinge in the frame, making it flatter and better performing.

So what are you waiting for??? Get yourself a fantastic deal on the hottest mode of transport you’re likely to see in a loooong time!

In fact – here’s a quick reminder of how great the fold is…


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