Plant a flower, or a tree, or turn the lights off, take the telly off standby, have a shower with a friend,  skip major fast food chains just for one day, or …..

You know what….

These are all good things, but the best thing you can possibly do is just get out on your bike! Why not make it a Bigfish in fact, because this will help you make every day an Earth Day, as it will enable you to make a small difference one day at a time.

Bigfish gives you the freedom to choose when to cycle, and you can still use your precious car as you can just pop the bike in the boot. How’s that!

And now making it even easier for those of you in the UK, our Bigfish UK website is now LIVE, making ordering even easier and quicker!!!

Ok, now go and plant that flower too! ‘Here’s one we made earlier’ as they say…



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