BigFishing in the USA!!!

Was it Debbie Harry who sang “French Kissing in the USA?” I think it was… Anyway, we’re going one step further and are delighted to announce that you will soon be able to go BigFishing in the USA.

Bigfish will be available very soon in the US – so watch this space!

We just got this great video from our good friend Larry La Garde at RideThisBike in LA. This is what he has to say..

“Two days ago, I took the BigFish out for an evening bicycle ride on the Mississippi River levee trail in Waggaman, LA (just outside New Orleans). I brought my camera with me and shot video as I rode. The video you see below is the result of that ride. Hope you enjoy it. If you’re not a fan of French punk rock, you may want to turn down the volume a smidge…

If the video has you interested in the BigFish folding bike, I’m excited to announce that the BigFish will be available for purchase very soon in North America. Priced in the Mobiky/Strida range, the BigFish will appeal to city commuters and urbanites. It has a great ride, rolls when folded and 3 speeds (with rear coaster brake).”


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