Tube Chaos Hits London

For those unlucky enough to use the London Underground the city is facing 48 hours of chaos due to a workers’ strike. Asking for a pay rise and guarantee of a job for life seems a crazy argument to strike for in the current economic climate, but I’ll leave that discussion for others, as my ire is not as fierce as some people’s probably is.

The reason for this? It’s actually my Bigfish folding bike. My normal journey to work is by overground train to London and then, instead of taking the underground the rest of the way to work, I cycle there on my Bigfish. It’s about a 7  stop distance, so would be a long way to walk, but the bike gets me there in no time at all. And i get to completely avoid the tube if I choose to!

Here’s a photo from the BBC News website that shows the queues that commuters are faced with today, it’s the queue for the taxi rank at Liverpool St Station. COME ON FOLKS GET ON YOUR BIGFISH BIKES!!!! You might even enjoy your journey to work!!

Liverpool Street Station


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