Bigfish goes Glastonbury!

Snapz Pro Xuni012This weekend Bigfish becomes Gigfish as it’s travelling to Glastonbury as the chosen mode of festival transport for one of the main acts.

“Glastonbury is a massive site and we thought bikes would be a good way of getting around the festival and seeing what else is going on” explained The Broken Family Band‘s Jay Williams, “and the only way we could fit 4 bikes in a van with 4 musicians, a guitar tech (pictured), guitars, spare guitars, drums, drum sticks, deodorant and wellies was the Bigfish cos it folds narrow enough. And besides, it looks cool.”

Typically setting off late, Jay was kind enough to send photos of the bikes via cameraphone as they were being loaded up – in various states of fold!

The Broken Family Band are playing on saturday on The Other Stage at 11am and on the Dirty Boots Stage at around 5pm. They may or may not be doing something special with the bikes as they enter the stage…Snapz Pro Xuni010Snapz Pro Xuni008

Snapz Pro Xuni011


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