Bigfish “The best bike at Bike Expo…”

Bigfish had a great time at its first appearance in Munich at the brand new Bike Expo show. In fact it was even referred to by one visitor to our booth as “the best bike at the show”. The trade days were both quiet, but the public days were extremely busy.

Here are some videos and our appearance in the newspaper Abendzeitung on 25 Jul 09. Translated, the article reads:

The Comeback of folding bikes. The Folding bike: It sounds like a Camping vacation in the 70s and tight neon colored swimwear. Robert Logie from the Bigfish’s Slovenian manufacturer can see the future in folding bikes: “It’s the perfect mode of transport for the city. Since when does the bus or train stop in front of your house door?” The bike is ‘full-sized’ in terms of wheelbase, and the pedals and handlebars are also positioned like on a normal bike.

The bike, with its »Click-Clack folding system« costs 599€ from”


here’s a 4 second clip of Ajvi posing for the press!

A ride through of the show with a Bigfish-eye view (watch out for the great wipeout halfway through!)

and greetings from the stand!

and packing up at the end of the show…


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