Delivering a Bigfish to Link Secondary School

This is a picture of your blogger dropping off a bike at the Link Secondary School, nr Croydon in South London.

The Link is a small school for children with speech, language and communication needs.  They have an award-winning travel plan which is headed-up by the school’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator, Carolyn Jones, and were interested in buying a folding bike with a successful grant application to Smarter Travel Sutton, so I decided the best way for them to fully understand Bigfish was to pop down and pay a visit. (FYI, Smarter Travel Sutton’s pioneering green travel programme recently delivered a whopping 74 percent increase in cycling!)

I was immediately struck by the fantastically happy atmosphere around the school and the real feeling of community they have there. I was even treated to a guided tour which set me on a high for the rest of the day. I very much look forward to returning there in the near future! Thanks Carolyn and The Link, for making me and my Bigfish feel so welcome!


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