Bigfish USA launches ‘Complete the Commute’ program

‘Put the Bigfish Folding Bike program to work for your business and your employees’

Our partners in the US have recently launched a new folding bike commuter program called ‘Complete the Commute’ aimed at businesses and which looks set to radically shake-up the way they see employee transport. It’s probably not too wide of the mark to say the US is not quite as advanced in terms of cycling, environmental and commuting infrastructure as much of Europe, but this is changing and programs like this could help improve things significantly.

Targeting business managers and offering bulk discounts on Bigfish Folding Bikes, while also targeting individual employees, the aim with this scheme is to help large and small businesses realize the very real financial benefits of a cycling workforce. We want to sell bikes, yes, but more important than that is that we want to see more people cycling!

It’s an easy, quick and cheap way to get to work, that benefits businesses. It’s proven that a workforce that cycles to work is more alert, more productive and takes less sick days off, making it great for business. The other great benefit for companies is that it helps them improve their environmental credentials. Including a Folding Bike into the commute is the completion employees have been looking for. For many riders, it’s less about riding the whole distance, and more about using it at the beginning and end of the commute – the first and last mile or so, using it in conjunction with the car or public transport.

Cycling is a fantastic way of getting 15mins of exercise every morning and evening and that can have a real benefit on your health, and a folding bike like Bigfish makes it incredibly easy to work it into your everyday life. Introducing a bike to the commute can lead an individual to make huge cash savings in a short space of time: reduced rail/bus costs, reduced fuel costs, reduced maintenance costs, reduced parking costs – over a year can be massive.

Additional benefits for businesses include:

  1. Provides direct increase in Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR)
  2. Gives the company a strategy for Rule 2202 plan implementation
  3. Reduces employee parking spaces
  4. Boots LEED criteria

Download a brochure HERE To go to the website and view a demo, click HERE.

Contact us about the program at and find out how Bigfish can benefit you today!

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5 thoughts on “Bigfish USA launches ‘Complete the Commute’ program

  1. Robert,

    I like the way you demo’d folding and unfolding the Bigfish in the video on the USA website. The part at the end where you wheeled the bike in circles was a hoot.


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