‘What’s the carbon footprint of… cycling a mile?’

There is a really interesting article in today’s Guardian about how low-carbon cycling can be – depending on what you eat.

Here’s a short excerpt from it:

“Buying a folding bike so I could commute on the train has been one of the best decisions I have made in recent years – in terms of both lifestyle and carbon. My journey takes 10 minutes longer, but I get half an hour’s exercise and 15 minutes reading a book each way. Because both of those are things I like doing but struggle to find enough time for, I’ve magicked an extra hour of the stuff I love into my day – while saving money and carbon.

One other thing: by taking my car off the road in rush hour, I cut everyone else’s queuing time as well, and reduce the emissions they belch out while they wait. It’s a little-known fact that a car on a congested road can produce as much as three times the amount of CO2 as the same car travelling at a steady speed”.

Go to article HERE

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