Smithfield Nocturne Folding Bike Race 2010

Like This!

Well that’s it over for another year. But what a great event it was yet again…

This year Bigfish had 4 intrepid riders: Hannah, Olly, Vince and Andrew. As with our last time competing in 2008 we made friends, raced hard and had a great time. If the weather was unpredictable, the barging and bullying on the start of the race by some of the city-boys was highly predictable, as it always does seem to be a feature of the race – which is bit of a shame as it’d be nice to see a few more “social riders” taking part (like the guy in a dress for example!)

Our female riders did us proud standing up to the barging, by smiling and waving throughout the race. I also have to say TV Producer Andrew with his helmet-cam, and fitness-king Vince on the racing tyres also did an awesome job racing the Bigfish against some very highly-spec’d, expensive bikes. Vince ever-so-narrowly missed out on a spot in the final, by one place.

You can view a photo slideshow of the event HERE.

Here’s a short highlights video:

And here’s Andrew’s helmet-cam footage:


2 thoughts on “Smithfield Nocturne Folding Bike Race 2010

  1. Great post, very interesting and super pics. I like these folding bikes, I think there’s a real future for them. I’ve started to see quiet a lot of them around the city I live in. People get off the train with them on their shoulders and open them up outside of the station and cycle to work. Great idea.

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