When Bill Clinton met Bigfish Folding Bike!


We’re all still on cloud 9 after the fantastic experience of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) event in New York this week.

Bigfish and its innovative CGI commitment has received blanket press coverage, with the photo below also being displayed on one of the giant screens in Times Square. The picture on the left shows Bill Clinton with Founder of Bigfish Folding Bikes, Sandi Cesko.

To view the news release please click here, to view more pictures on social media site Flickr click here, to view the story on fast Company magazine click here

Bill Clinton with Bigfish Folding bikeBigfish’s comitment to action via CGI:

The initiatives are being announced as part of Bigfish’s “commitment to action” at CGI. Commitments are catalysts for action, translating practical goals into meaningful and measurable results. Since 2005, CGI members have made more than 1,400 commitments valued at upwards of $46 billion to impact more than 200 million lives in over 150 countries.

The Bigfish commitment will help address a transportation issue facing many large metropolitan areas around the world, where over-reliance on personal automobile travel has led to congested freeways, lost productivity, increased carbon emissions and unhealthy environments. In Los Angeles, for example, alternative transportation systems are underutilized, with transit agencies reporting an unused capacity nearing 60 percent most times of the day.

The two programs outlined in the commitment to CGI will help Bigfish provide the general public and low-income populations, employers and employees an alternative, easy travel system with the potential to substantially reduce automobile use. These pilots represent new and evolved partnerships with private business and select municipalities, and will result in increasing usage of more sustainable transportation options, thereby reducing fuel use and related emissions.

Hilary Norton, executive director of Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic (FAST), a group working to address transit issues in Los Angeles, points to folding bikes as an innovative solution to help get people out of cars and into mass transit.

“Los Angeles is a city crippled by traffic. Because the long-term solutions are a way off, we need to look at near-term changes to reduce congestion and improve traffic. One of our biggest challenges is addressing the ‘first/last mile’ problem, a tremendous barrier to people taking subways or riding the bus everyday,” Norton said.

“Folding bikes are a seamless solution to the last mile, and we think once people give them a try, they’ll be much more inclined to take mass transportation a couple of times a week,” Norton said.


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