Bigfish new models premiered at Eurobike

Bigfish @Eurobike

“It’s so nice to see something different on the market”

This was an oft-heard phrase from visitors to our stand, last week at Europe’s largest cycle trade show, Eurobike (view Flickr photoset)

The big news from Bigfish is that we are extending our line of folding bikes in 2012, and we were showcasing the new bikes at Eurobike. The new models will be called Bigfish Line and Bigfish Wave, and we will also be bringing out an e-Bike. All the bikes have a totally new way of folding, via a system that is notably different from any others on the market. We have called it ‘Smart Folding technology’ – the reason is self-explanatory!

One of the most exciting things that we learnt at the show is that, contrary to almost all other folders, there is no right or wrong way of folding the Bigfish Line… you can do it in any order.

At 18,3 kg, and with a small Sunstar motor fitted to the Bigfish Line, our e-Bike will be one of the lightest and most compact electric folding bikes on the market. Sunstar’s centrally-located motor allows perfectly-balanced handling and the integrated torque sensor provides smooth acceleration.

Interest in all models was fantastic. If you’d like to be kept in the loop for release details, please contact us here.


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