Doing Something Nice For Ashraf

In the recent UK riots, despite the horror of the events themselves, one of the most heartening things to happen was the general public’s spirit of positive defiance against the rioters and support for the victims.

Londoner Jamie Cowen was so moved by the YouTube footage of the young Malaysian student, Ashraf Haziq – who was filmed after being beaten up, and as helped to his feet was openly robbed by the same people – that he decided to positively demonstrate the UK public’s support for Ashraf and other victims. Cowen created a wonderful campaign called Let’s Do Something Nice For Ashraf that received widespread support throughout the UK and beyond.

Upon hearing that Ashraf had also had his bike stolen in the incident, we at Bigfish immediately decided to donate one of our folding bikes to him.

Below you can see Ashraf being presented with his Bigfish by Malaysian Deputy High Commissioner Mr Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah. View Bigfish’s Robert Logie presenting the bike on the Malaysian High Commission’s website here.


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